"Look like you belong in the emergency ward!"

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Posting the blown-up ad the other day got me in the mood to really sit down and examine other tiny ads like these a little more closely. Here are a few that caught my eye:

I’m reasonably certain the “Galactus” mentioned in the ad is unconnected to you-know-who. And I’m sure it’s not a knock-off of a Star Wars item, like the definitely-not-a-TIE-Fighter pictured there.

“…And it’s ready for immediate stovetop cooking!”

Good God. Why would you want to?

Now you too can look like a Jim Woodring drawing!

Not pictured: the much larger fan behind that little fan that’s actually causing the woman’s hair to do that.

I just like the drawing in this ad. I’m sure a lot of folks had an uncle or some other relative that looked like that.

Whoops, cut off the price. It only costs ninety-nine cents to have all that fun as described in the ad. “Weee, I appear terribly injured!”

Please tell me that was the actual shape of the glasses.

This is a fun toy for restaurants. (But really…ick.)

Oh, this is just asking for trouble. I admit I am curious about “The Wonder Touch.” That sounds like a useful power. However, I’d worry that my Sense Extensions wouldn’t work out any better than my hair extensions.

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