Sunday shorts.

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1. I’m laying off the break-in talk for now, unless there are new developments. Here’s hoping that new development will be “They caught the dumb bastard — he was breaking into another comic book store to steal their early Ultraverse issues.”

2. Though, on a related note…everyone laughed at the fact that the guy stole Spawn and Witchblade comics. But the comics used to sell enormously well…someone was buying them. I know I bought Spawn for a while…it wasn’t too bad, at first. Todd McFarlane’s art was cartoony and appealing, and his writing…well, it was improved slightly over the Spider-Man “his webline – advantageous!” days, at least.

And I know some of you bought ’em, too. Don’t deny it, I know you have ’em. And not just the issues of Spawn guest-written by the good writers, either.

3. The people have spoken, and they want Essential Dazzler. Dazzler, a comic people have made fun of for decades, is now available in one of those fat black ‘n’ white paperbacks…and our copies sold out immediately on Wednesday.

Interestingly, a copy of the generally-maligned graphic novel Dazzler the Movie sold along with a bunch of its original art on the eBay for four hundred bucks.

4. Selling well at the shop:

Countdown (still outselling 52 for us)

World War Hulk (though a few folks are worried about a Civil War-esque flood of tie-ins and a non-ending)

Star Wars trade paperbacks (always sell consistently, though we just had a kid drop a lot of birthday money and wipe out our section)

Not selling well at the shop:

Thor zombie variant (lots of comments along the lines of “Ewww, Thor looks ugly…are there any other covers to this I can buy?”)

5. Related to the Star Wars graphic novel thing…had another customer tell me about trying to get a copy of the Tales of the Jedi: Redemption trade paperback on the eBay, except that it’s selling for a lot of money. For example, this winning $89.00 bid.

6. From Yahoo’s main page last night:

I’ll just add that to the list of “Things I Didn’t Expect Yahoo to Feature as News on Their Home Page.”

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