A little Swamp joy, a little Swamp heartbreak.

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So customer Kevin, who is an art assistant for a Big Name Comic Artist, just out of the blue gave me an original Man-Thing pencil drawing of his:

Pretty cool of him, no? And yes, for some reason Man-Thing is carrying a naked lady. Maybe there’s a nudist colony at the edge of Manny’s swamp or something. She’s obviously not afraid, since “whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch” and all that jazz.

And this is how much of a jerk I am:

Kevin: “Here, Mike, this is for you.”

Me: “Wow, thanks, Kevin! It’ll look great on eBa…er, I mean, my wall!”

Kevin: “You jerk!”

Yes, he knows I was joking. We give each other a bit of friendly grief, until employee Aaron walks into the room, then we both turn on him.

In other swamp creature/eBay news, I discovered that searching completed auctions on the eBay can only lead to tears, as I missed out on a whole bunch of these period Mexican Swamp Thing editions from the ’70s:

They went for twelve bucks a pop, so it’s just as well I missed them. I probably would have tried to buy them all despite being short on coin of the realm at the moment. But don’t they look fabulously lurid?

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