A little San Diego swag.

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So as I mentioned a couple days ago, I had a number of goodies and freebies acquired for me from the San Diego Comic Con, since I wasn’t in a position to attend yet again. My freebies, let me show you them:

This is the item I’d mentioned the other day, a thick “catalog” of the kinds of advanced tech available in the Eureka TV show’s mileu. The “Eye-Pod Sky Satellite Tracker,” the “Thought Messenger Earpiece” — each complete with product descriptions, diagrams, and photos of each of the show’s stars accompanying nearly every entry. This was a well thought-out, attractive advertisement for the show.

I wasn’t really planning on buying this, a novel detailing the events on Krypton, the lives of Superman’s parents Jor-El and Lara, up until the planet’s destruction. Still not, really, but this excerpt booklet is signed by the author, so what the heck, it’s a nice keepsake.

(And that’s how “packratting” works, friends.)

This Futurama mini-comic contains a new story plugging the forthcoming direct-to-DVD revival of the series, with the premise of the Package Express crew being invited to “Packagecon in Space Diego.” Sample dialogue from the book’s beginning:

Bender: “…I demand a hero’s welcome after 72 network episodes.”

Fry: “‘Network episodes?'”

Leela: “That’s what we call the deliveries we made for the Box Network, a division of Twentieth Century Box.”

Bender: “And by my count, we did 72 primetime episodes.”

Fry: “‘Primetime?'”

Leela: “That’s what we call deliveries between 8 and 11 PM, or 7 and 10 on Sundays.”

Nice slam at Fox and their program-killing scheduling changes (see also The Tick live action series) in that last bit there.

This is a Con-exclusive variant cover for the last issue of that Flash series-that-wasn’t. Shame about the comic inside, but that variant ain’t half bad lookin’. (Though it’s still not as good as the cover that inspired it.)

A handful of different cover flats for Star Trek novels were brought back from the Con, and I kept this one to remind myself to look for the book when it finally comes out. I don’t read a whole lot of Star Trek books any more, aside from the William Shatner ghost-written novels (as those are constructed from pure Nerdgasmite and a lot of fun) and the Peter David novels (like the one above), which are generally clever and entertaining.

Actually, glancing through the other Trek novel flats we received, some of those grabbed my attention as well. One follows the adventures of the Enterprise-E after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis, the last Next Generation film, in which Picard has lost Riker to his own command, must deal with the loss of Data, has Worf as his new first officer, and hijinks ensue. Another book follows Riker to his new ship, the Titan, and the adventures he has there. Makes me wonder, just a bit, if the Trek books are going to attempt to follow the Star Wars novel template and maintain a tighter continuity among the books in their post-Nemesis universe.

These are kinda geekishly cool…portable Flash drives designed to look like Star Wars characters (and apparently prepackaged with Star Wars content on the drives, like wallpapers, movies, and sound bytes). Come to think of it, in the movies, wasn’t Artoo kind of like a giant rolling Flash drive, anyway? He kept getting plugged into different machines, from Imperial computers to X-Wings, and people kept putting info onto the drive willy-nilly (Death Star plans, holograms of princesses)….

A few good buttons this year, not too many…this one ties in to the Heroes TV show….

…and this little teeny-tiny one (blown up good ‘n’ big here) ties into some old obscure comic strip I’m sure you’ve never heard of.

That’s not nearly everything that was brought back for me…I have about a million promo postcards that I’m not sure what I’ve going to do with, but I also got a free paperback science fiction novel (Spin State by Chris Moriarty) which looks pretty good, and plenty of freebie bookmarks to use with it. And I was also given a copy of the Con’s Event Guide, which not only details all the panels I missed, but also has a swell cover by Sergio Aragones.

So, you folks what attended the San Diego Con…what was your favorite freebie?

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