Just a few short bits of business…

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…as I’ve been otherwise occupied:

  • So, remember my “Satan Speaks” panel with the blank word balloon I had up a few days ago? I finally got around to gathering links to folks who supplied their own amusing and/or terrifying dialogue, so be sure to go back to the original post and find the links to some very funny contributions. And like I say there…if I missed your contribution, let me know!
  • So long as I’m linking back to older posts…I may have griped about that stupid flap of skin on Jonah Hex’s face, but Dr. Polite Scott actually did something about it.
  • I was reminded of Dr. Scott’s Hex post over at the Want List’s Jonah Hex Badass week, starting here.
  • Whlie Employee Jeff was at the San Diego Con, he made sure to tell Grant Morrison about how I was singing my little song based on something he wrote. I’M NOT CRAZY, GRANT…I’M NOT!
  • Haven’t seen The Simpsons yet, but I did see Transformers over the last weekend (blame the girlfriend’s nephews, who were coming with us, and outvoted me on which flick to watch). As I’ve said a few times before, I’ve no particular attachment to the Transformers, but the movie was reasonably entertaining, even if it was near impossible to figure out what the hell was going on in some of the battle scenes.
  • Special San Diego version of the Iron Man movie trailer, via Camcorder Vision, and already posted everywhere else:

    [EDIT: YouTube yanked the video.]

    Not ideal viewing conditions, admittedly, but I liked hearing the crowd’s reactions to the trailer. And the movie itself doesn’t look terrible…so far.

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