In which Mike just got home from the movies, and is trying to post something before he goes to bed.

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  • Rich over at Roots of the Swamp Thing has something new and exciting up on his site: Darko Macan’s pitch for what would have been the third Swamp Thing series (instead of the one starring Tefé that we did get). So take a look, see what could have been.
  • A couple things discussed with pal Dorian at the shop on Saturday:

    “Funny, we seem to be able to sell Countdown just fine…it’s meeting, and occasionally exceeding, our sales on 52. — which no one on the internet liked at first, either.”

    “Wait wait wait…so the guy’s defense of the Watchmen movie was that the promo poster looked cool? Wha-huh?”

  • Occasionally, either here or at the shop, I’ll reference Marvel’s publishing strategies, one of which is “do what other people are doing, only do more of it and not as well,” and the other being “if it’s popular, do as much of it as possible until people are sick of it, but then continue to do even more of it anyway.” That last strategy, AKA “Killing the Golden Goose” — in danger of taking out Marvel Zombies, if they’re not careful. And they’re not too careful, considering that inexplicable Thor zombie variant. The Thor comic has nothing to do with any of the zombie stuff. Are we going to get zombie variants on every Marvel comic? Maybe a special “Zombie Month?”
  • I sure do get asked to explain what an “annual” is an awful lot.
  • In reference to the apparent demand for a Devil Dinosaur at the San Diego convention…the thing about Devil Dinosaur is that it’s such a Jack Kirby fever dream of a comic, that any attempt at a revival, with “continuity” and “tying in to the larger Marvel Universe” and “modern sensibilities” and “coherence” would just not feel right.

    One or two people wouldn’t be enough to keep Devil Dinosaur‘s off-kilter feel intact. Sure, Jack Kirby was just one person, but he’s Jack Kirby…normal human laws don’t apply to him. So I think a new Devil Dinosaur series would work best with a rotating creative team. In fact, with a randomly selected creative team for each issue, DC Challenge-style. That’s keep everyone just a little off-balance, adding a bit of needed surrealism to the proceedings.

    However, unlike DC Challenge, where all the creators volunteered to be in the pool of talent from which the random selection was made, anyone in the comics industry can be called for the book at any time, and service is mandatory. It’d be kind of like jury duty.

    “Jim Lee, you must draw Devil Dinosaur #12.”

    “But I’m working on All-Star Ba—“


  • That said, I’d love to see Mark Schultz do an issue of Devil Dinosaur.

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