Not a paid advertisment, Batfatty, and some brief Comic-Con news you’ve already seen.

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Okay, I promise you, I have no financial stake in this book or this publisher (aside from selling the books at the shop), this isn’t a paid ad, no one asked me to do this…but I loved the last book these guys did, and by God, I want to see more. So, out of a bit of enlightened self-interest, hoping this new volume will sell well enough to justify reprinting more off-brand horror comics, I give you this coupon you can print ‘n’ clip and give to your retailer:

That’s Chamber of Mystery: Voodoo volume 1, from Olympian Pubishing. I know some of you poor folks out there have retailers who get tired and a bit woozy by the time they reach “Wizard Entertainment” in Previews while ordering and don’t buy anything past that point. Be sure to give ’em this coupon and let ’em know you gots to have your Golden Age horror reprints!

“Say, what’s Batfatty been up to,” you’ve been asking. Well, Batfatty, AKA pal JP, has been tracking down some Bat-rarities, including:

A couple San Diego Convention tidbits, pulled from online sources as I’m not there, due to my inability to “socialize” or “afford anything” at the moment:

  • Entertainment reporters not amused that big Lost announcement was intended for Comic-con, badger ABC programming executive into spilling the beans early. Quoting from the article:

    “‘…What’s the point of having 150 reporters with access to millions of readers sitting here?’ asked another critic, joining the pile-on. ‘You have the announcements. You can give them out. Instead you are going to hold them to give to people who have to pay to get into a convention.'”

    The San Diego Con itself is summed up in this three-line description:

    “Hundreds of years ago, Comic-Con was a sweet little comic book convention. But it’s been totally co-opted by the studios, and now, for four days each year, it’s the center of the cultural world.

    “This year Comic-Con expects about 120,000 blogging geeks, who will rake in whatever the studios shovel out about upcoming movies and TV series.”

    (via TV Tattle)

  • As mentioned on this site yesterday, as well as everywhere else on the internet, and confirmed yesterday at the con, Zachary Quinto of Heroes will be all Spocked up for the forthcoming Star Trek movie. Leonard Nimoy is apparently also in the film as well. The MSNBC article says it’s not clear if Nimoy is playing Old Spock, but the L.A. Times says he is, so there. Nyah.
  • Watchmen movie cast confirmed. They’re actually going through with it. Retailers, sell those Watchmen graphic novels now, because after the movie comes out, they’ll never sell again. Okay, I exaggerate slightly, but not by much.

    I didn’t recognize a single name in the cast, save for “Billy Crudup,” which I only remembered because of the odd last name, not because I can remember anything he’s been in.

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