And now…a few words with Satan.

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A blank, for your infernal convenience:

original image from Adventures into Darkness #14 (April 1954)

EDIT: Here’s a list of folks putting words into Ol’ Scratch’s mouth…if I missed you, let me know:

Armagideon Time

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So Employee Aaron came up with Crypt of Daylight, and I countered with Pantry of Terror, and then, suddenly, I’m trying to come up with a list of less-than-compelling horror comic titles. Here are a few:

Vault of Home Mortgages

Chamber of Stories (ahem) ‘Borrowed’ from EC Comics

Adventures into the Quite Well-Known, Actually

The Three Bedroom, Two and a Half Bath, Spacious Backyard, Close to a School and a Shopping Center, Newly Constructed Home of Horror

Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery — oh, wait, that one’s real

Weird Tales of Your Mom

All The Stories End with Ironic Twist Endings Monthly

A few quickie linkies:

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