Who doesn’t love Roadhouse?

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Okay, so in this story from World’s Finest #137 (Nov. 1963), both Aquaman and his young companion Aqualad are stricken by mysterious fumes that cause them to be weakened, rather than strengthened, when they are in the water. Aquaman has to go to Aqualad’s rescue, but he’s too weak, and too far away from the sea, to command some nearby fish to help. However, there is another sea creature of sorts nearby:

That almost seems like stretching the definition of “sea life” a bit…at least, considering the types of sea life with which Aquaman usually communicates. But I’d be willing to let that slide…

…Except I’m totally going to have to call “no way” on this sequence :

At most, Aquaman has two load-bearing eagles keeping him aloft, as I don’t believe the other eagles in this grouping would be able to get close enough to provide enough direct support and/or lift to handle Aquaman’s weight. Plus, it would seem as if Aquaman would continually be smacked in the face, sides, and, um, other body parts, by the flapping wings, which would be painful, or at least annoying for him, not to mention how that would interfere with the eagle’s ability to fly effectively. And I have my doubts that this group of five or six sea eagles, as powerful fliers as they are, would be able to handle Aquaman hauling a sopping wet kid-sized load out of the ocean, even briefly.

This is what I think about, when we’re having a slow Sunday afternoon at the shop.

In other news:

  • Sunday morning, I was interviewed by the darling Dafna and the cacophonic Kid Chris for their Bispectacult podcast. It went well, it was a lot of fun, and even though my very first response to a question didn’t come out in any kind of recognizable English (I believe the correct term is “word salad”), after that things went swimmingly. We were silly, we had a good time, we couldn’t keep ourselves on any topic for very long, aside from discussing the greatness of the movie Roadhouse.

    So, even as you read this, Kid Chris is feverishly working away at the post-production of the interview, and it should be up on their site in a couple of days. It’ll teach you nothing, you won’t be a better person for it, but maybe you’ll get a good laugh or two out of it. Hopefully “with me,” not “at me.”

  • A few days ago, I wondered if the printing error in the DC Universe: Stories of Alan Moore trade paperback had been corrected. (Briefly: the text intro to “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” was omitted.)

    In response to the more recent post, commenter Carl told me that a copy he flipped through at a major chain bookstore appeared to have the error corrected. So, one reorder placed through Diamond later…I can indeed confirm the book is on its second printing, and the text intro to the Superman story is back in its rightful place at the top of the splash page.

    The Killing Joke endpapers are still AWOL, however.

  • Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News — once seen, it cannot be unseen:

    And yes, the text tag in that video refers to Harry’s marriage yesterday. Details, of sorts, can be found here (along with the video you just endured above). Congratulations to the happy couple.

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