"This is not war…this is pest control!"

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I don’t have much of a post at the moment, as I was busy catching up on the Doctor Who DVDs. And is there a better scene in season two than the Cybermen and the Daleks totally ranking on each other?

I submit, sir, that there is not.

Yes, I realize I’m, like, a year behind everyone else on the show. Don’t rub it in.

My completely mean-spirited and unfair exchange with Employee Jeff, as he was preparing to move some of our infrequently-accessed comic stock in the stockroom to somewhere out of the way, to make room for more in-demand material:

Employee Jeff: “Hey, is it okay if I move the Gambit comics to the top shelves? I need the space for these other X-books.”

Me: “Yeah, go ahead. No one cares about Gambit.”

Jeff: “Oooooh…don’t let the Gambit fans hear you say that!”

Me: “No worries…Gambit fans are weak and ungainly, and pose no threat.”

And then we laughed and laughed at Gambit and his fans, for we are cruel and heartless. And then I wept openly, for I realized this is all I have.

And now, for no good reason…Swamp Thing in a biplane:

from Saga of the Swamp Thing #8 (Dec. 1982) by Marty Pasko & Tom Yeates

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