A poster posting.

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One of my usual tasks at the store is digging through some of the strata in the back room, looking for some goodies to unload on the eBay. Over the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on putting up some of the old posters we have in storage…posters that have long since gone past their “sell by” date, and had to be moved out of the way to make room for the new posters coming in. Not a big deal, but with a store that’s now in its 27th year of business, even a handful of leftover posters a month will eventually grow into a menacing pile.

We’ve tried to get rid of what we could here, via sales and “free poster with $20 purchase” and “for the love of God, take this ‘Sword of Azrael’ poster…I’ll pay you.” But, eventually, we’re still left with the seeds and stems that we can’t unload locally. Thus…to The Internets!

My posters, let me show you some of them before they go up on the eBay:

Remember that brief period in the ’90s, when Image and Wildstorm and whatever company Rob Liefeld was running that month would get attractive women (including, I believe, Liefeld’s wife) to dress up like their super-characters and pose for covers and posters? Those models should probably consider themselves lucky that Image etc. stopped that behavior before moving into this market. (Link may not be safe for work.)

Electric Superman is now a nearly forgotten footnote in the character’s history, so the window to sell this poster is long closed. But it TOTALLY GLOWS IN THE DARK, MAN. (Also, the Electric Superman story started almost exactly 10 years ago. I didn’t need to realize that.)

This poster, illustrated by Christopher Moeller, actually isn’t too bad, and probably could still sell. May have just suffered from an overflow of competing Wolverine/X-Men posters.

Oh, Lordy.

Sometimes I look back on that time of battlin’, two-fisted nuns with swords in comics, and I wonder just what the heck was in the water.

This poster is comprised of about 99.8% Badass. The other 0.2% is the baggage that is the Shaquille O’Neal Steel movie.

Let’s see…dead, dead, dead…is he a villain now? Anyway, this poster is from 1986, plugging the fact that DC just acquired the old Charlton heroes.

This Matt Wagner poster was actually a popular one for a while…just sold as many as we were going to sell, I guess, and had a couple left over. I would liked to have seen a Thing vs. Hulk comic drawn by Wagner. The signs and hydrants flying by in the background amuse, too.

Now that the character is (or was, who knows) apparently a resident of Crazytown, I don’t hear a whole lot of “I’m a big Scarlet Witch fan…do you have any related merchandise?” from the customers anymore. Not that I did in the first place. Nice drawing by P. Craig Russell on this 20-year-old poster, though.

I’m ashamed to admit how many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze posters we had left over. But their day will come again soon…oh yes.


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