"Sometimes I read some very good books, like the new ‘Justice League of America’ series and ‘Ultimate Spider-Man.’"

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Hey, couldn’t hurt: “An Open Letter to Michael Bay: Please Direct Man of Steel”

“Michael, you and I both know Bryan is a better director than you, hell, I’d even say much better. […] But you are at the top of your game, doing the best work of your career. And you absolutely are the best at what you do. And what it is that you do so well was sorely missing from Superman Returns. The cinematography was great but no one shoots red, white, and blue like Bay. Supes lacked humour and the all important wow factor. Things you bring to the table in spades.”

I was hoping something would come along to encourage more “real-life” superheroes: “Holy batcapes! The age of the superhero suit is upon us”

“Its rock-hard surface can take a full- on assault from a baseball bat, yet remains flexible enough to allow you to kick, leap and roll with perfect ease. Crafted from cutting-edge science, its unique molecular structure means that while providing armoured protection against crude concrete and even barbed wire, it remains light enough to allow you to run at high speed.

“It sounds like the stuff of Batman comics – but the superhero suit is here.”

“Other superhero attire?” Oh, if only they’d explained what exactly that entailed: “Lucky 7s? These newlyweds hope so”

“‘Jeremy’s a Superman fan, so we went with a Superman theme,’ 32-year-old Kamryn Schill said of her husband, Jeremy Schill, 33.”


“After 12 years of marriage, Kamryn renewed her pledge to her ‘superman,’ who serves at Great Lakes Naval Station. Members of the extended family wore capes and other superhero attire.”

Um, they may have a point, though “stop watching movies” would say the same thing: “ON SPEC’s Top Ten No-No’s”

“We would like to present our own Top (More Than) Ten List of ways we editors can guess if the manuscript we’re reading is a turkey. Bear in mind that for every rule, there is an exception.”


“9. Characters are cliches, and sound like they have been picked from ‘characters R us’. ‘The Landlord’, ‘The Soldier’, ‘The Salesman’, ‘The Wizard’, ‘The Princess’ etc.

“WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SAY: Stop reading comic books, or start writing for them, not us.”

“Top five worst comic books ever written”

“I have read many comic books in my life. Sometimes I read some very good books, like the new ‘Justice League of America’ series and ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’. But for every good story, there are multiple bad stories. This is the list of the worst stories that I have read.

[List isn’t too bad, but accidentally includes Dark Knight Strikes Again, which, as I’m sure you all already know, is absolutely brilliant, and I’m certain no one out there would ever say otherwise.]

In the “we should be so lucky” department: “What’s next for hungry young bookworms?”

“When ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ is released on July 21, it will mark the end of a remarkable run for writer J.K. Rowling.”


“Rowling’s determination to end the series will leave a vacuum. Another book, another series, undoubtedly will become the next must-read among the children’s set.”


“So it stands to reason that the next big thing ‘will be entirely different,’ says Lisa Dennis, the coordinator of the children’s collection for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.”


“‘I think we’re going to swing to some other sort of next big thing,’ Dennis says. ‘My only guess is that it will be something different and unexpected. If I had to guess, it might be something like a graphic novel.'”

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