Extra points for the Whodini reference.

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“Should The Recording Industry Sue Superman?”

“I mean, with his super-hearing, he must be listening at any given moment to at least a few dozen songs he didn’t pay for. If he were real, the recording industry would demand some kind of compensation.”

“Its not against the law to listen to music. Its against the law (I suppose) to download a song you didn’t pay for. Its not like if I walked by some guy with a boombox (from the 80s I guess) and he was listening to Whodini I would have to pay him.”

“But Superman’s got an unfair advantage.”

“But it’s unlikely that Superman has good taste in music, either.”

“You don’t think one of his powers is super-taste?”

“Point taken. However, he grew up on a farm in Kansas, thereby nullifying, for life, his ability to pick and choose quality tunes.”

“Considering all the unlicensed songs about ‘Superman’ – maybe HE should sue ASCAP…”

“With Superman’s super-hearing, wouldn’t HE sue the recording companies for putting out crappy music?”

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