"It’s time to taste what you most fear…."

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  • What I did on Saturday: for a customer who was confused about how Black Adam, who had lost his powers by the end of 52, suddenly had them back again in Countdown…I drew out a timeline on a piece of paper, showing how Infinity Crisis, 52, “One Year Later,” and Countdown all fit together, and where the forthcoming Black Adam mini-series takes place.

    I need a white board for the store for stuff like this. Except I’d probably use it all the time and annoy the hell out of everyone.

    “Hey, Mike, how come this copy of Tack Graphy, Two-Fisted Stenographer #2 is $50, while this one is only $20?”

    “Well — ” (pulls out the white board) “– let me draw you various types of comic book damage and wear and their influence on comic pricing….”


  • Our store is located on the main drag through town. On one side of us, around the corner, is about three hospitals. On the other side of us, at the end of said main drag, is the fairgrounds, where the Warped Tour has apparently touched down Saturday for an day of rocking and rolling and young folks carrying on.

    I lost count of the number of ambulances that have sped from the hospitals in the direction of the fairgrounds that day. During our typical day, it’s not unusual for the occasional ambulance to zip by, sirens blaring. Saturday, it was like the fairgrounds had been considered a disaster area. Heck, maybe it was, I don’t know.

    They must have been dropping like flies over at that concert. It’s all that mary-jane they’re injecting directly into their veins, I just know it.

    Also, the Warped Tour thing really fouled up freeway traffic for a while, so folks were pulling off the freeway and taking the road outside our store to get across town instead. Heard a lot of “Hey, look! A comic book store!” from people stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic. They shoulda jumped out and shopped…or maybe I could have taken comics to them, wandering through the sea of cars carrying my stock and calling out “COMICS! GETCHA COMICS HERE!”

  • Not to belabor this point too much (and when do I ever do that?), a quick search through Newsarama’s forums only brought up one reference to the Superman/Wonder Woman thing as a “pieta.” And that person admitted that he was working on vague memories from college, and that he wasn’t entirely sure what the Pieta looked like.

    A cursory Google search didn’t dig anything up, either, but I only spent a little time looking until I realized I didn’t really care that much.

  • Projects to do when I have the time, the inclination, and the lack of anyone telling me “what’re you, crazy?” – a breakdown of scenes in Watchmen, with estimated times for each one, because I have a sneaking suspicion that if you were to add it up, the actual length of the narrative may be normal movie length (2 1/2 hours or so, maybe), and not the “only an HBO mini-series can do it justice!” length some people seem to insist on.

    It’s all a moot point anyway, since I have a not-so-sneaking sensation that the movie we’re actually going to get will be more like “X-Men with different costumes” than “examination of the superhero genre and why it doesn’t work.”

  • Actual discussion at work:

    Me: “Ooh, hey, I forgot about this copy of Super Mouse!”

    Employee Aaron: “Hey, who’s stronger? Super Mouse or Mighty Mouse?”

    Me: “Super Mouse is stronger.”

    EA: “Um…why?”

    Me: “Because he’s super, he’s not just mighty.”

    EA: “Your stupid hurts me.”

  • For no good reason, other than I’ve been on a Dead Kennedys trip again lately…here’s a live performance of “Holiday in Cambodia” from back in the good ol’ days:

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