Kicking against the pricks.

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BeaucoupKevin gets all Sherlock on us, discovers his longtime internet nemesis “Steve Ebbling” is in fact Gary Esposito. A woefully unacceptable “apology” and a final confirmation of Gary’s “Steve Ebbling” double-life from Tom Spurgeon follows.

What kind of a jerk spends two years persistently harassing some guy he’s never met over the internet, even continuing to send angry and insulting comments long after Kevin began filtering out his messages so that they’d never see the light of day, and then tries to pass it off in a half-assed apology as “Hey, all in fun, right, pal?”

Dear God, that’s depressing.

Turns out some of our copies of this week’s X-Men #200 had missing and/or repeated pages, which was discovered by one of our customers who had bought one each of the 50/50 covers only to find both were misprinted.

I immediately set Employee Aaron on the task to pore through our remaining stock of this book, and seek out other error copies. As it turned out, he only found two more, but that doesn’t account for the huge number of X-Men #200 we’d already sold on Wednesday. No one else has reported misprinted copies, so maybe we got lucky…or maybe our customers haven’t read their copies yet. Or maybe they just assumed the misprint was, in fact, some kind of avant-garde storytelling technique. (I once had someone try to use that explanation on me in regards to the misordered pages in Batman: The Cult #4.)

Aside from finding the error copies, we had another result of Employee Aaron going through these books: he’s now read X-Men #200 about a hundred times. A hundred times! You may think you’re an X-Men fan, but I bet you haven’t read this latest issue one hundred times in the one day the book has been out. Well, Aaron has, so put that in your pipe and smoke it, buddy.

It’s not quite the 10,000 comics in a row that caused the Flaming Carrot to crack and begin his life of super-heroism, but it’s a start.

How not to sell me comics:

Hold the cardboard box that contains your comics tightly in your arms, as you gingerly pull each individual comic out of the box and hand it to me. Ma’am, your beat-to-crap Web of Spider-Man ain’t no treasure…just hand me the box and let me give you the bad news fast.

Let’s lighten the mood a little with a LOLcats RSS feed for my site. I know the LOLcats craze is in its fourteenth minute of fame, but, hey, everyone likes cute animals — even you, Mr. Cranky Cynicalpants — and I just gotta see what turns up with the title of this very post.

This one’s pretty good, too:

Ooh, and this one:

Yes, I’m posting LOLcats on my site. I need this to be happy. THE DRUGS NO LONGER WORK.

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