Yes, I realize it’s probably no good.

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So, whenever I actually was able to make time to try to catch the Swamp Thing live action TV series, for some reason it was usually the same episode…the one that started off with a little person running for his life through the swamp, being pursued by…well, some creature or madman or something, I forget. And my other brief remembrances of the show generally involve the scenes with the title character, only you’d just see his head behind a bunch of shrubbery or a wall or what have you, probably so they wouldn’t blow the episode’s budget by putting Dick Durock into the entire Swamp Thing get-up just for that shot.

Anyway, I keep thinking that, hey, maybe it’d be nice for this show to make it onto that DVD format that’s all the rage, in complete season sets, so I can finally be convinced that, yes, there are episodes of the series that don’t involve little people being chased through a swamp. Though wouldn’t that be something if that’s what they were all about? “Swamp Thing – Defender of Little People!” It’d still be on the air today, I bet.

Rich, evil mastermind behind the Roots of the Swamp Thing website, is encouraging people to vote for its DVD release over at TV Shows on DVD. Apparently you have to be a member of that site to vote, but if any of you out there are members…well, Mike needs more TV to watch, apparently, so vote early, vote often. Hell, they put Firefly on DVD, why not this?

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