"Scratch gravel, White Wind!"

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from Whiz #88 (August 1947)

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  • CR says:

    I am trying to determine if there was ever a movie made where this phrase used by one of it’s characters. All I have been able find is about the comic strip. Can anybody help me?

  • B. J. Lambert says:

    Whip Wilson, who made Grade Z western movies back in the late 40s, early 50s, had a white horse, originally named Silver Bullet, later changed to Bullet, then changed to Rocket, because Roy Rogers had a dog that appeared in his movies named Bullet.

    I faintly remember Whip saying to his white horse “scratch gravel, white wind” in one of the movies. But, I am old and maybe my memory fails.

    Thanks for the memory, anyway!!


  • Murak says:

    I am translating the Little Nemo in Slumberland comic strips by Winsor McCay to portuguese, and in one of its pages one character says “Scratch Gravel” while riding an elephant. I went to google to find out about that and found nothing but this page and the comic book “Golden Arrow” from the 40’s. However the Little Nemo’s page I mentioned is from 1907… Guess I will just have to translate it as Ayoo Silver or something like that.

  • George Bowering says:

    It’s what The Golden Arrow said to his horse. I forget what Speedy said.