In which I’m a lot nicer than I need to be.

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So Employee Aaron told me that, for his birthday, he received the Superman Returns DVD. This particular edition of the DVD was the one available at Wal-Mart (“boo, hiss,” yeah, I know) that came packaged with a digest-sized reprint of the classic last pre-Crisis Superman story “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow” by Alan Moore, Curt Swan, and their other super-pals.

I had to ask. “So, Aaron, this reprint…did they get that intro text into the book that was left out of DC’s most recent reprinting?”

“Uh, Mike, did I actually just hear you pronounce out an entire hyperlink?”

“Don’t change the subject…is that text in there or not?”

“How do you keep a jerk in suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

And thus, the next day Aaron brought in the digest, and lo, there was indeed Mr. Moore’s original intro text:

A different typeface than the original, sure, but at least it’s there. So if you have to have a reprint of this story, and you don’t mind the smaller size, and if you can brave your local Wal-Mart, it’s out there for the taking.

Which reminds me: does anyone know if DC has corrected the “missing text” problem in the DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore trade? I haven’t reordered it for the shop since learning about the error, and it probably wouldn’t do any good to call the Powers That Be to ask about it, since the last time I tried to explain this particular problem to someone, I could hear the blank stare over the phone.

So, if you all know, pass the info along, please.

In other “news:”

  • Related to what Ragnell had to say: if you post a public message in a publicly accessible forum or weblog, don’t be surprised if said public message is publicly linked in someone else’s public forum or weblog for discussion. See, it’s this whole “hyperlinking” thing upon which the “World Wide Web” is based…you should look into “the Internet” sometime and see how it works. Anyway, if you’re that skittish about your naughty fanfic being seen…you’re on LiveJournal, for God’s sake, friend-lock it.

    And, again, in reference to this specific instance Ragnell is talking about…if you’re going to call bloggers “stupid,” and your examples are the folks who linked to you, Dorian and Kevin, who also happen to be two of the smartest people in the blogosphere — then you chose poorly, friend.

    And, no, I’m not linking to the discussion in question…I realize there’s a base kind of irony to that.

  • “According to breaking internet reports” (i.e. almost certainly B.S., until we get it from a real source) Samuel Jackson may be playing Nick Fury in the new Iron Man movie. Oh, good, more photo reference for Marvel’s “Ultimate” Nick Fury.

    Anyway, no news yet on Mr. Jackson’s official web site.

  • Nothing to do with comics, but everything to do with all that is good and holy in the world: I know it’s been on Boingboing and whatnot, but I’m posting it here anyway because it’s as if God Himself came down and posted a video on the YouTube. Ladies and gentlemen and Ian, I give you…the best video on the internet:

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