Hey, hey, hey.

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  • Don’t forget to let your opinion be known in response to my two questions from this morning.
  • Via Neilalien, a retailer’s perspective on Marvel’s attempt to boost orders with info-free hype, as it relates to the promised “most important event of the year” in New Avengers #31. (You know, the event that was met with a resounding “…eh.”)

    “Gee, Mike, why didn’t you depend on Marvel’s hype and online gossip to plan your orders?” “Wow, I have no idea.”

  • Speaking of Marvel and gossip, I hear tell that there may be a real groaner of a storyline coming up involving Mephisto and the altering of certain major characters’ status quos. I don’t know if it’s just a self-contained storyline or a Real Permanent Change for All Time, but we’ll see if the gossip is close to the mark soon enough.
  • Via Metafilter, quite possibly my favorite video game battle ever, courtesy the user-customizable M.U.G.E.N. fighting game…the Juggernaut versus Fat Albert:

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