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  • So it’s finally happened…I’ve scripted an installment of Benjamin Birdie and Kevin Church’s webstrip The Rack. It is, sadly, based on a true story. Guess which character is me.
  • Speaking of Kevin, I’d mentioned to him via the e-mail (yes, sometimes we talk in secret via e-mail…and we’re saying things about YOU) that I was, at that moment, in the process of deciding some order numbers on a variant cover for the impending Thor #1. What kind of variant, do you ask? Why, a “zombie variant” (painted by Marvel Zombies cover artist Art Suydam) of course.

    Kevin immediately posted the order info on his site, because it is both terrible and beautiful. You can read it in full there, but to summarize: for every 10 “zombie Thor” covers I order, one of those covers will be a “non-zombie” Thor painting by Suydam. It’s a variant for your variant. And now we have the descriptor “non-zombie” in our comic book parlance.

    Now, I’ll admit, I’m mostly amused by Suydam’s zombie covers, which are all parodies of classic (or, at least, recognizable) Marvel covers of the past. Most are funny (the birds kill me, every time), though this one is a tad on the tacky side, and I swear I don’t get why anyone in his right mind would want this Marvel Zombies-inspired statue.

    But, really, haven’t we hit our zombie saturation point by now? The current iteration of the zombie fad is way past its shelf life, and most folks have moved on. Not Marvel, though…there’s no good idea they can’t strip mine into oblivion. Then again, customers are still buying them, though diminishing returns are beginning to set in a bit.

    However, I will give the Marvel Zombies thing one more pass if we can get a zombified version of this cover. I mean, it’s halfway there already.

  • For all that…yes, I ordered some of the Thor zombie variant for the store. Yes, I know I’m part of the problem. Hey, we were the first store in the world to carry the original, self-published Love and Rockets comic…surely that buys us some slack for occasionally giving in to Marvel’s marketing.
  • Pal JP brings you SUPER TATTOOS. Not just any SUPER TATTOOS, but the greatest Superman tattoos you will ever see in your wasted, misbegotten lives. LICK AND STICK THE MAJESTY.
  • A special thanks to reader John, who proves himself goodhearted and saintly by sending me the one thing that, ’til now, the Vast Mikester Comic Archives lacked…

    …a Swamp Thing comic autographed by Swampy co-creator Len Wein:

    It’s…it’s beautiful.


    Sent to me by pal Dorian.

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