I forfeited the right to call anyone a "nerd."

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1. Shiny Beasts – a new collection of several of Rick Veitch’s shorts from Epic Illustrated and Heavy Metal, including one story written by Alan Moore. Here’s a Newsarama interview with Veitch about the book. Great stuff…bizarre, funny, and creepy as only Mr. Veitch can manage.

2. The All-New Atom #12 – Fun, solid superhero adventure written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Mike Norton and Dan Green, that’s not afraid to go for a laugh or two. That “Thrills! Adventures! And Laughs” logo needs to be on this book.

3. The Comics Journal #283 – Good Lord, I’ve been reading this mag for almost 25 years. Anyway, this ish includes an interview with Lewis Trondheim (here’s a snippet), and reprints a 1949 adaptation of The 39 Steps.

4. Black Summer #0 by Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp – I hesitate to explain what this comic’s about, since that could get me visits from men in dark glasses and black suits. So, if you wanna know, go read about it here. It was both horrifying and compelling and way too short (but what do you want for a 99-cent preview issue?), and shows that there’s yet a little bit of life yet to be wrung out of the superhero genre.

5. Okay, I poked fun at it when it showed up in Previews, but when it came time to type the orders into the computotron…well, I couldn’t resist. So now I am the proud owner of one of these things:

Yes, that’s right, I now have a Snakes on a Plane talking pen, which says two fantastic lines of Sam Jackon’s dialogue…only one of which is Safe for Work. There’s even a website for it, where you can hear the clips your own self. By the way, this pen is DAMN LOUD.

I apologize for the so-far-after-the-fad mention of Snakes on a Plane.


Okay, so Lucy Lawless played a character on the new Battlestar Galactica series, right? And she is, of course, best known for playing the title role on Xena: Warrior Princess.

Dynamite Entertainment publishes comics based on both properties.

Surely you see where I’m going with this.

In a world where there exists an Archie Vs. Punisher comic, there must be room for a Battlestar Galactica/Xena crossover. To wit: the Galactica finally reaches a planet that they think is Earth, but the human populace is still comparatively primitive…not the technologically advanced civilization they were expecting. And on this planet, they discover a skilled and dangerous warrior, who, oddly, looks suspiciously like one of the Cylon models with whom they’re familiar….

I didn’t Google that up. I don’t want to Google it up. I am 100% positive someone else has already cooked up that idea. But I’m not looking. Let me bask in my own genius for a moment before one of you folks crush my hopes and dreams with some of your “verifiable facts” and “relevant links.”

I need a vacation.

In other news:

BeaucoupKevin puts together comics weblog search engine, gives me new ways to see how I rank in terms of Swamp Thing search results. (At the moment…number uno, friends.)

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