One step forward, four steps back.

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Newly added to the vast Mikester Comic Archives:

These pocketbooks date from ’70 to ’74, and reprint several stories in black and white. I like the nice, simple cover designs on these. I particularly enjoy the cover of Where’s Archie, where it looks like Betty just realized the murderer is Archie, while Arch rushes from the crime scene. (And inside is the story “Plane Crazy,” which I’ve discussed before, where Betty and Veronica are…well, I’ll just refer you to the previous post.)

In other news:

ROBOT CHRIS SIMS HAS JOINED THE ROBOT UPRISING. He fully supports my…um, being a sad robot, I guess.

R. Stevens, of Diesel Sweeties fame, took my lazy post from Saturday and turned it into something worthwhile. God bless that man.

And to complete the “Mike links back to previous posts” theme of today’s post…if you ever wanted your very own Doom Button (as shown here), well…here you go. Sure, it lacks the simplicity of the Doom Button I originally presented, but megalomaniacs can’t be choosers. (Thanks to Ken at Ringwood for pointing this out to me!)

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