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Okay, I’ve been kinda out of it/busy/comatose in front of the boob tube over the last couple of days, so my weblogging has been a bit out of whack. So here are a few things I’ve been wanting to address, or just point out, from the last few days:

  • Publisher announces, then cancels, Nymphet manga. Should Nymphet eventually be released (as pal Dorian tells me another publisher is trying to get the rights to the series), I hope that retailers who do carry it don’t end up having to explain themselves in sentences that end with the phrase “Your Honor.”

    We didn’t order it (as our manga-adviser Dor explains here), but it’s not like we order every single manga book (or comic book, or graphic novel) that comes down the pike anyway.

  • Speaking of Dor, he did one of his trailer review posts just the other day, which I always enjoy. Now I’m totally excited for Duck.
  • And speaking of Dor yet again…he recently bought from us a copy of Mary Marvel #23, and featured some of its panels in his most recent posting. Now, there’s one thing about the cover I wanted to note, and it’s this:

    When was the last time you saw a superhero comic — I mean, a standard issue, regular monthly adventure superhero comic, not a “humor” book (and yes, the quotes are there on purpose) — promise “Thrills! Adventures! And Laughs!

    “Thrills! Adventures! And Laughs!” should so totally be the regular cover slogan on All Star Batman and Robin.

  • One more re: Dor — he was poking through the latest ish of Wizard at the store, and upon seeing the article where Mark Millar and Brian Bendis interview each other, his immediate reaction was: “Oh, for…why didn’t Wizard just run a picture of them sixty-nining, and be done with it?” And that, friends, is your Unpleasant Mental Image of The Day.
  • Um…it doesn’t really count as a “Retailer Incentive” variant cover if retailers didn’t know ahead of time (i.e. when they were actually placing their orders) that there was a variant cover coming.

    By the way, at the shop…nobody likes the variant cover (which we are selling at cover price, by the way). Our customers seem to prefer the regular cover with the creepy guy surrounded by piles of comics. You’d think they’d had enough of a creepy guy with piles of comics just seeing me at the store.

  • Franklin Mint alters quarters to feature Silver Surfer, U.S. Mint not entirely pleased with the matter. Which is just as well…I don’t want to start seeing ads for Coca Cola or Walmart on the backs of my dollar bills. Though I suppose it’s only a matter of time, anyway.
  • We still get lots of requests for that Free Comic Book Day Umbrella Academy comic at the shop, and luckily I still have a few to pass out. If all the people who pick up the free preview comic come back for the actual debut of the series, it’ll be one of our top-selling books…but needless to say, there’s a vast gulf between what people will take for free and what people will be willing to dole out three or four bucks for.
  • Alan David Doane is back in blogging action, in case you haven’t noticed. And his RSS feed now works…you know, I had been wondering why my reader wasn’t getting his updates.
  • Doodled at work, from an image that came to me in a dream the night before:


    I have a bunch of doodles taped to backs of boxes, the store’s computer…I even have one Dorian drew, still taped to the back of the box on the counter with all the variant/autographed comics in it. I should scan all the pics and put ’em up, someday.

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