Blogging about blogging is a sin.

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I’m a little under the weather, so forgive me if I keep this update a bit on the short side. But, hey, you’ll be getting another End of Civilization post at the end of the week, and that’s more than enough content for anybody, right?

Anyway, I’ve made a couple changes around here:

1. Added a few new sites to the sidebar…just look for the garish red color for the new linkage.

2. Because I don’t have enough internet communication thingies at my disposal, I’ve added yet another one: yes, I now have a Twitter account. I held off because the user name I wanted was taken (damn you, Seximus Prime!), but after seeing the little Twitter sidebar box implemented on Kevin’s and Bully’s sites, I decided I had to have one. So, there you go, a way for me to put up pithy (or pissy, for that matter) notes that I don’t feel like devoting a whole post to.

3. I also had to widen the template of the site slightly to accommodate the Twitter box, so if you’re browsing the Web at 800X600 resolution, the site’s going to be a tad wider than that. I could have adjusted the Twitter box itself, but that fouls up the font size inside, and my eyesight’s strained enough.

4. And lastly, I signed up for Google’s AdSense program. Yes, I have an ad on the site. I’ve sold out to The Man. It’s in the sidebar, below my links, above my archives, and hopefully it’ll be nonintrusive. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get an extra dollar or two out of it. You’d think just selling comic books would be enough to keep me livin’ high on the hog, but oddly enough, it hasn’t quite worked out that way. But now with my webpage ad, surely I’ll rake in enough to dough to finally be able to crush my enemies, drive them before me and hear the lamentations of their women.

So, anyway, all these changes aren’t set in stone (including the new weblog links, so those new guys better toe the line, mister!), and if the Twitter box turns out to be a problem (already I’m noticing some slight updating issues), and if you all really hate the idea of having an ad on the site, I’ll reconsider.

Boy, wasn’t that all just terribly exciting?

Here, have a YouTube post…assuming it’s not pulled Any Second Now, this should be a clip of a Saturday Night Live screen test with Gilda Radner. I’d just finished watching the season one SNL DVD set, via the Netflix, and man, Gilda was just absolutely beautiful and funny:

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