TV, Wikipedia, MODOB*, DOORWATCH ’07, and cash money.

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  • One of the good things about still watching a past-its-peak-popularity TV show like Smallville is that I can put off watching the season cliffhanging finale for a week or two and not worry too much about anyone accidentally spoiling it for me. Because, really, everyone’s talking about the ending episodes of Heroes and Lost, and, comparatively speaking, no one gives a rat’s behind about the year-long running-in-place shenanigans of The Adventures of a Young Clark Kent Who Really Isn’t Superboy, Honest, So We Don’t Owe The Siegels Any Money. (Okay, sure, people perked up a bit when they heard about Green Arrow being on the show….)

    Well, I still care a little, but at this point, I think all the folks still watching Smallville are a little tired of the “no tights/no flights” policy. Just let the man fly, already…we’ve had plenty of flying from other characters, and Clark himself flew occasionally (but not as himself…rather, as “Bad Clark” — don’t ask), and the world didn’t end. And he might as well be in his costume, at this point, since all he ever seems to wear is his blue t-shirt and his red jacket.

    And, about the finale itself, if I may be Mr. SPOILERpants for a moment:

    Okay, that “death” couldn’t have been more of a set-up if the “victim” shouted “I’M TOTALLY FAKING MY OWN DEATH RIGHT NOW” right before it happened. I mean, honestly. And the more I think about it, the more I like the debut of “Bizarro-Clark,” even if the gratuitous use of the word “bizarre” during the character’s intro was forced in with a sledgehammer.

    And very, very brief SPOILER comments about the other two shows I’d mentioned: Heroes ended with more a whimper than a bang, particularly after a few snappy episodes over the last couple of weeks. This is all we get? And the bad guy, who’s been such a terrifying menace throughout the season, just stands there and lets a little man with a sword charge at him from a few yards away? And does nothing to prevent himself from being impaled? I call no way.

    And Lost: nearly crippled by the misjudgment of airing six new episodes and then going on hiatus for several months so that all their viewers can decide they have better things to do with their time, this show has come a long way toward redeeming itself with, past those initital six shows, the strongest season yet. Some actual forward motion, some actual resolutions, some status quos changed, some questions answered, and some good new questions raised that tantalize rather than frustrate. It can still all go south over the promised next three years, but hopes are back up after a sour beginning to this latest season.

  • On a related note to my Smallville discussion: hopefully by the time you read this, someone will have fixed it, but as I type this, here’s how part of the Jerry Siegel/Superman lawsuit article reads:

    “It is rumored because of these lawsuits, DC comics decided to kill off superboy in the comics, and very little makes mention of the name there after. It is also the reason ‘legion of superheros’ includes superman and not superboy.”


  • So it seems that Marvel has a MODOK blog allegedly written by the Mental Organism his own self. “George Tarleton,” editor of The Journal of MODOK Studies, has already shown up in the comments section to school whatever intern is writing this on some true MODOK knowledge.

    If you need more MODOK, I’d gathered several internet MODOK resources in my MODOK linkdump from January. You can wait for “MODOK” to dole ’em on out, three or four links a week…or you can get all the links from my site right now!

    Here’s a MODOK link I missed the first time around: enjoy this fine “Teen MODOK” strip.

  • DOORWATCH ’07 CONTINUES, as the repairman showed up with a replacement glass for the front door…only to discover they’d been sent the wrong size glass, and that they’ll have to reorder the proper size…and with the weekend coming up, and Memorial Day, we’re looking at maybe next Tuesday before the door is fully repaired.

    Isn’t that exciting?

  • I like what Milo’s been up to…looking up on a database the political cash contributions made by various folks in the comics/cartooning industry. Kevin Church, writer of Boom! Studios’ Cover Girl, a big Coolidge supporter? Who knew?
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