Say, have I mentioned Craniu…oh, okay, I’ll stop.

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  • A couple nice bits of business from the newest issue of Hellblazer, #232:

    1. The tree tattoo on Constantine’s bottom finally makes a reappearance:

    As you all remember, I’m sure, from your copies of Swamp Thing #76, Swampy briefly possessed Constantine’s body, and during that time he had a tree tattooed on his tuckus as a small bit of petty revenge for all the grief John had caused him over the years.

    Of course, there is some debate as to whether or not Constantine would still have the tattoo now (particularly after having his body rebuilt from scratch at one point). It was still nice to see someone remembering that little bit from a long ago issue of Swamp Thing, though.

    And yes, that pic is indeed an extreme close-up of Constantine’s right buttcheek. That’s right, there’s a picture of a butt, on your computer screen, RIGHT NOW. If you’re at work, you are so fired.

    2. The intended pronunciation of “Constantine,” as opposed to the pronunciation in that Keanu Reeves movie, is reemphasized:

    It’s been brought up once before, but it’s nice to have it in the actual Hellblazer book.

  • So we got in a case of the Simpsons Duff Energy Drink, one can of which looks something like this:

    Employee Aaron sampled a can, which resulted in this exchange:

    Aaron: “This looks better than it tastes.”

    Me: “That’s what people usually say about me.”

    Anyway, we though we’d try it out at the shop for…well, no real good reason whatsoever. But, hey, as it turned out, it proved to be not a bad seller. A few up by the register made for good impulse buying. I haven’t tried it myself (I prefer to pickle my insides with an endless progression of diet soda), and it’s too bad former employee Josh isn’t around, since his blood is about 90% energy drink and would probably buy out our entire supply of Duff in a heartbeat. A really, really fast heartbeat.

  • What I have to look forward to:

    For the last year, every new comics day, a phone call from the same person: “Is All Star Batman #5 out yet?”

    This week, the person calls again: “Is All Star Batman #6 out yet?”

    Oh dear heavens.

  • For those of you still keeping up with DOORWATCH ’07, we now have a big piece of wood in the place of the glass in our front entrance. Hopefully sometime today the replacement glass will be in, as most of conversations on Wednesday went like this:

    1. Yeah, someone just busted the glass in our door.

    2. No, nothing’s missing…it was just vandalism, not thievery.

    Repeat several hundred times.

    Can’t blame folks for asking, but it did wear thin after a while. Ah, well, I’ll live.

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