There can never be any such thing as "Too Much Nancy."

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1. Did a little remodeling around the place. Hit “refresh” on your browser-thingie if you can’t see the changes.

2. My Fallen Son cover mock-up from yesterday almost featured, instead, that Mary Jane statue. Just on the off-chance that, you know, you haven’t seen it yet.

3. Speaking of Fallen Son…we didn’t get in a whole lot of that third variant cover of the Captain America installment, the one with the blank image and the stiff cover, because, really, c’mon now. But damned if it didn’t fly out the door. I can only assume folks are drawing their own “sad superhero” covers, because when you get right down to it, they probably can’t be any worse than Tur…okay, that’s enough flogging of that horse.

4. So I was worrying a while back that sales for Dark Tower had suddenly dropped off…well, we had a minor flurry of folks grabbing the fourth issue and asking for back numbers. Phew, good…this could have gone one of two ways: 1) the Stephen King fans burn out on the monthly drive to the funnybook emporium to get each succeeding issue, decide just #1 is enough, pass on the rest; or 2) just pop by every few months and catch up on Dark Tower issues as necessary. Mostly it appears to be the latter…though there is still some significant drop-off fron the first issue. Unless, of course, there are yet more fans waiting even longer to get their King comics.

5. For those of you still hold out that hope that there may be another watchable Marvel animated movie someday, please enjoy the Doctor Strange site complete with trailer and a countdown ’til destruction release. That first Ultimate Avengers movie was passable, the second a snoozefest, and that Iron Man cartoon…oy. So following that progression, I think I’ll be giving the Doctor Strange flick a pass.

6. For no good reason…Batman versus Lion-O, video-game style:

It’s five minutes or so long. I don’t expect you to watch it all. But I do so enjoy the game’s background soundbites of “THUNDERCATS…HO!!!”

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