Sunday don’ts.

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WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR: We had a female customer of ours spot All Star Batman and Robin #5 on the rack, exclaim “Ooh! Finally!” and then ponder for a few moments over which of the two covers to buy.

Her options:

Her final decision:

Just thought that was worth mentioning.

WHAT YOU PROBABLY DON’T CARE ABOUT: I was processing part of a collection today, and was tickled by this tiny, tiny banner across the bottom of Strange Tales #137:

There’s just something goofy and appealing about that image of those two fellas mentally squaring off. Plus, the pic has “repurposing” written all over it.

WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE: Every once in a great while, a small flying insect will flitter just a tad too close to one of the machines what makes your funnybook polybags…


A poor little bug, frozen forever in time, locked within the face of a polypropylene bag as it protects a copy of Child’s Play 2: The Official Movie Adaptation from the ravages of man and nature.

Anyway, I was sorta grossed out by it when I pulled that bag out of the package, so I thought I’d scan ‘n’ share it with all of you.

No need to thank me.

(EDIT: To clarify…I’m only kidding about using the fly-bag. I disposed of it properly and safely…in an envelope I just mailed to Chris.)

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