Stuff you’ve already seen elsewhere…but first…

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…I’ve finally got around to using the internet browsing function of my cell phone to search for online images to use as the phone’s wallpaper.

Specifically, I’ve browsed my own images, my sidebar “icons,” and I now have these three pics on my phone to use as wallpaper whenever I please:

At last, the phone justifies itself.

In other news:

  • Welcome back to Polite Scott! Glad you’re feeling better!
  • Enjoy your (presumed) Batman Begins promo website: “I Believe in Harvey Dent.”
  • Pal Nat and his little friend, Licensable Bear™, are auctioning off the chance to have your message on the cover of the very next issue of Licensable Bear™. It’s for charity, so bid big, bid often. (And if the winning bidder were to, say, use his message to plug my site…I wouldn’t object.)
  • Alan David Doane speaks frankly about Comic Book Galaxy.
  • Alan linked to this, but it’s a great story of ’80s comics retailing and I wanted to share it here: Roger talks about the Counterfeit Cerebus #1. (A few years back, we actually had copies of both the real and the fake #1s in the shop at the same time…we ended up selling them both to the same fellow, who happened to be a hardcore Cerebus fan who was actively seeking one of the counterfeits for his collection.)
  • I’m the last person on the planet to mention this, but Diamond Comics Distribution has decided against carrying the print incarnation of the Comic Foundry website. It always amazes me what Diamond will and will not carry. They won’t carry a comics magazine that, from the sounds of things, is on par with the half-dozen or so TwoMorrows publications, and yet they’ll carry, say, talking Snakes on a Plane pens long after that film’s expiration date. Okay, admittedly it’s an uphill battle for any new magazine to build a readership, and maybe Diamond didn’t feel like waiting for Comic Foundry‘s sales to justify their distributing the book. But I hear about stuff like this and I think “What? Not enough room on the warehouse shelves among all the Avatar variant covers for one more measly comics mag?”

    I mean, I’m not entirely unsympathetic toward Diamond’s position, but it’s a shame Comic Foundry didn’t even get a chance.

  • Updates for a couple ACAPCWOVCCAOE* members:

    Pal Sean is still keeping up the mad weblog updating, this time with his “Comics on a Budget” reviews.

    Pal Tom surveys the carnage of cancelled TV shows.

* Associated Comics And Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County, CA And Outlying Environs. …Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to explain that.

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