Locks, love, and a lady.

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So in a comment left on my Sunday evening entry featuring a previously-unknown-to-me Spidey promo comic, Phillip was good enough to point me in the direction of Master Lock Presents: The Incredible Hulk, apparently available only through a mail-away offer. Again, this comic is new to me, and again, I totally want a copy.

According to the Grand Comic Book Database entry, the story involves one of the Kingpin’s men transporting some box locked by a Master Lock padlock, while encountering the Hulk and his super-pals (like Daredevil, Elektra, and Captain America) who all try to get this henchman to give up his criminal lifestyle. Having not seen the story in question, I am left wondering how the plugs for Master Lock’s fine products are worked into the narrative. I picture the henchman occasionally wondering about what’s in the box, except: “RATS! If only this weren’t locked with a high-quality, ‘tough under fire’ padlock! There’s no way I can cut through that hardened boron alloy!”

And I especially wonder how the Hulk fits into all this. “Hey, nice lock there, lemme see it…oops, I broke it, sorry.” That would kind of defeat the purpose, I think.

Via Lady, That’s My Skull…Who Does Mary Love?

Well, naturally.

Pal JP unloads more classic Golden Age cheese, featuring Lady Satan. Yes, that’s right, “Lady Satan.” Hey, kids, comics!

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