"A bad drawing of a mouse – flying!!"

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From Spooky Spooktown #58 (August 1975), Spooky, the Tuff Little Ghost, reveals a sensitive, artistic, but not terribly competent side:

Going outside for inspiration, Spooky discovers things have gone horribly awry in the Enchanted Forest:

Even the wildlife is affected:

Exploring further, Spooky runs across a rabbit, who points him in the direction of the culprit:

A man with working pencils for arms raises more questions than answers, but alas, there’s no time for questions as Pencilman immediately goes on the offensive with a hastily-drawn porcupine:

Spooky flies off in pursuit of Pencilman, only to discover his full, nefarious, and slightly undecided, scheme:

Spooky turns invisible, flies over Pencilman while carrying two large, and apparently still visible, rocks, but still manages to pull off a surprise attack:

Pencilman runs off to, um, get his pencils sharpened, which presumably means his arms get progressively shorter with use:

Spooky pays a visit to Wilma Witch for help, and she puts the call out for the one person who can defeat Pencilman:

Apparently in all this time, Pencilman still hasn’t finished drawing the firing device for his gun, but Eraserman takes the opportunity to turn the tables on the pencil-armed freak:

Eraserman then turns on Pencilman himself:

Having successfully executed Pencilman without any bothering with “due process” and “legal representation” and other time-wasters, Eraserman starts to clean up the damage done:

Though it begs the question…after Eraserman is done erasing, what’s going to be left? Is the original Enchanted Forest simply underneath all the bad drawings, or will the forest’s inhabitants be left floating in some white, empty, fully-erased void?

And Spooky’s “old business” is going back to that bunny who clued him in on Pencilman in the first place. Why? So Spooky can scare him, the big jerk.

All this reminds me of an old Batman villain:

…who comprises both Eraserman, with his red, rubbery head, and Pencilman, with his pointy graphite monopod. A symbolic representation of a possible future, when Pencilmen and Erasermen may be able to live together in harmony?

Let us hope, friends…let us hope.

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