Peter Parker, penises, plugs, planning, and posters.

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After meeting Citizen Steel, Peter suddenly felt the need to correct his inadequacies.

For some context, see Chris and pal Dorian for reasoned, and heavily-illustrated, responses (and responses to responses) to this cover. OH NOES GENITALS.

And be sure to check out Tim for his response as well.

Which reminds me…the thought occurred to me the other day that I’d like to see, just for curiosity’s sake, a porn comic drawn by Rob Liefeld. Y’know, just to see what he thinks that sort of thing would look like.

The specific title that jumped into my head was Rob Liefeld’s Black Kiss.

Now you’re all thinking about what that would be like, and I apologize.

Hey, Tom…you need to start doing this site again.

Regarding yesterday’s post: I’ve been waiting for months to post that, I’ll have you know.

And I’ve had a post ready for this coming Fourth of July since the end of last summer.

There’s a fine line between “good planning” and “sad obsession.”

So we received that humongous promo poster for DC Comics’ next weekly series, Countdown:

It’s 72 inches wide, features just about every major DC hero (and a villain or two), and it’s a real bear to tape to the wall while precariously balancing oneself at the top of a ladder.

That image above is totally stolen from an eBay auction for this item. Yes, before the series is even out, people are unloading the promo for a few bucks on the eBay. Now, I’ve sold a few comic book promo posters online, but usually I wait until they’re about 7 to 10 years old, and thus out of date, before trying to get rid of them. Selling a promo poster before the series even debuts…that sorta defeats the purpose, I think.

Though I’ll have to admit…while I was perched on the ladder, trying to get that Countdown poster up, trying to keep it level, the thought did cross my mind that maybe it’d be simpler to just to sell the darned thing and be done with it.

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