The font of wisdom.

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Oh, wise and powerful Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II mini-series, please gift me with your insight and your mystical knowledge and help me solve my life’s problems.

So, tell me, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II, will I be lucky in love?

Well, um…that’s kinda final, isn’t it? How ’bout work, then? How are my chances at getting ahead there?

That’s better than nothing, I suppose.

I’ve been having money problems, too. What should I do?

Well, duh. Then what?

Yeah, okay, fine, some help you are.

Maybe I should ask for a raise. What will my boss do if I do ask?

Yeah, well, I could have probably told you that.

Now, about my health…I’ve been having some unwanted weight gain…should I change my diet?

Hoo boy. This won’t cause me any problems, will it?


Is there anything else the future holds for me?

Um, well…I guess that beats the alternative.


You know, you’re not much of an oracle.

Same to you, buddy.

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