Yes, the cards are really called "SNIKT!" and "THWIPP!"

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Here are just a few “SNIKT!” and “THWIPP!” cards from the Marvel Monopoly game:

So, how much is Marvel stock worth nowadays?

I see optimists wrote the text for this next card. “Hey, how much can I get for my run of Force Works?” “Um…if I give you a dollar will you take them away from our store?”

Now, this next card:

Which Doctor Strange #71? This one, with the Paul Smith art, or this one, with work by Peter Gross?

I so wanted to find a card with this image, only with Iron Man, given the whole Civil War thing one or two of you might have heard about:

And here, have yourself a little more nightmare fuel with Mr. Monopoly (formerly “Rich Uncle Pennybags”) dressed as the Green Goblin:

What Uncle Pennybags gets up to in his free time is really his own business.

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