More action figures should glow in the dark.

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  • Currently processing a nice collection of books, ranging from the Golden Age into the mid-1980s. Highlight of the collection so far (though I don’t see much surpassing this): a couple hundred original E.C. comics, including full runs of Weird Science, Weird Fantasy, Shock Suspenstories, and the 3-D books (all two of them), and near-full runs of Tales from the Crypt, Haunt of Fear, and Vault of Horror…plus a handful of Mads and other random E.C.s. I’ll let you folks know when they’re available for sale.

    However, what I’m most excited about in this collection are the issues of Nancy & Sluggo and Fox and the Crow. I’m not letting you know when these are available for sale, because I’m keeping them. So there.

    (I should also make up some kind of “pedigree” name for this collection, like the, I don’t know, “Seaside Funnybooks in Cardboard Boxes Collection,” and price them accordingly. Plus, I can tell exciting stories about how the collection was acquired: “Well, one day, a guy called and asked if we wanted to buy his comics, and we said ‘sure, let us take a look at ’em,’ and we saw he had some pretty good stuff, so we bought them. The end.”)

  • I’ve been trying my darnedest to avoid buying action figures, but I really found this one to be oddly compelling:

    That would be the “Kryptonite Batman” figure from DC Direct. You know, I wasn’t even that big of a fan of the Superman/Batman storyline that this figure was taken from…but it just strikes me as being neat, for some reason.

    Plus, it glows in the dark, so he can fight my glow-in-the-dark Swamp Thing figure. BOTH OF THEM.

  • Speaking of Swamp Thing, which, I realize, I barely do, I’ve been sent this link several times, and I totally forgot to say anything about it here. So thanks to the most recent e-mailer, reader Michael, for reminding me that I should mention Swamp Thing’s placement on the “Top 20 FX Suits” list.
  • Your least-expected comic book reference for the day, from this article on the evolving appearances of female dancers:

    “Look at the women in British ensembles like Random Dance or the Henri Oguike Dance Company. Look at Sylvie Guillem with her ripped physique and steely limbs. They’re amazing. Like comic-book heroines, like Promethea or Lady Deathstrike.”

  • Right now, I am picturing Don Ho in Heaven, singing “Tiny Bubbles” to Kurt Vonnegut.

    We all have our own way of mourning.

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