And now, some reader-generated content.

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I get some interesting e-mails, so keep them a’comin’, friends. I always like to hear from you, especially when you let me slide on coming up with my own content for a day send me neat stuff like this.

First, reader Caleb (from Every Day Is Like Wednesday) pointed me in the direction of a scene in this week’s Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing one-shot that resembles some Swamp Thing shenanigans from a few years ago. Now, I wasn’t planning on picking up this new Man-Thing comic, so I didn’t notice the scene in question at first…but darn if Caleb ain’t right. To wit:

Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing (2007)

Swamp Thing #159 (1995)

Aside from the shared swamp-creature-head-on-plate motif, the stories are entirely different in purpose and effect, so it’s certainly just a coincidence. Heck, the fact that Swamp Thing and Man-Thing debuted nearly simultaneously is a big ol’ coincidence in and of itself, so what’s one more?

The next item e-mailed to me comes from reader Chad, who quite correctly notes that I love finding and sharing oddball things on the eBay, and thus decided to send to me a link to some good old fashioned nightmare fuel. Ladies and/or gentlemen, I present to you Wonder Woman as you’ve never seen her before:

“Pose her every which way” indeed.

And, from one of my favorite webloggers, Booksteve, comes a note that he wrote about that Life is a dollar twenty-five paperback B.C. book well over a year before either Mark Evanier or I did. See, all three of us agree it’s a good gag! We must be right!

Speaking of repeating things from the past, I see that terrible Doomworld comic, based on the computer game, is making the rounds again. One of the very first posts on my site, near the end of 2003, was an entry about that Doom comic, where I mention that I’d been seeing references to it all over the internet. I guess, three and half years later, it’s finally cycled back into everyone’s awareness. If you hadn’t seen Doomworld already, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s not just bad…it’s magnificently bad.

And I’d rather see something like Doomworld make the rounds again, than something like the Hamster Dance, or Mr. T Ate My Balls, or whatever. I kiss you!

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