Coincidence, old posts, shipping costs, The Black Hole and D&D. And not a whole lot about comics.

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  • Something must be in the air…after beating Mr. Evanier to the punch (by about 16 hours) with my discussion of my…or rather, our…favorite B.C. gag, it turns out that Mr. Folded Soup preceded me in my discussion of superhero cakes.

    With the amount of content being generated for weblogs like ours, near-simultaneous duplications like these are almost inevitable. In the case of Mr. Evanier and I approaching our favorite B.C. gag from the same angle…well, Johnny Hart did just pass away, so naturally there’s going to be a lot of discussion about him, and this sort of coincidence was bound to happen. Plus, it just confirms Evanier’s already solid reputation as a man of quality and taste, since he’s agreed with me on a good B.C. gag.

    But the cake thing…okay, that’s just weird. I happened across that auction on the eBay while looking for other stuff, and wanted to share. I had no idea Senior Soup recently addressed the topic, and in a far more amusing fashion (so go look already).

    So, to sum up…nobody copied anybody, it was all just coincidence. Besides, if I was going to rip anybody off, it’d probably be Sims, since I could totally take him in a fight.

  • Speaking of the eBay…I’m linking to this old post of mine about how to ship comic books safely and economically for the benefit of Employees Aaron and Jeff, who hadn’t seen it. The topic came up when I came across the prop envelope from that post the other day, mixed in with my shipping supplies, and they were wondering just what the heck was up with it. “Look to my site, my friends,” I cried out, and lo, they did rush to their Internets and found themselves confronted with wisdom and glory.

    Anyway, if you reread that post, please note that the flat rate priority shipping is now $4.05…soon to be $4.60, beginning in May.

  • Also speaking of the eBay, I occasionally get the urge to find the original Black Hole action figures for V.I.N.Cent and Old B.O.B., and I hie myself hither to the eBay and do some searching. I never bid…I come to my senses before I do so, but I do like looking at the figures, since those are probably two of my favorite movie robot designs. Yeah, I know that’s probably a weird thing to have favorites for…my nerdity has unplumbed depths.

    Anyway, I found someone selling a V.I.N.Cent, but he was charging a cool $12.00 domestic shipping. Dude, I could probably ship that toy for half that price at most…unless it’s heavier than it looks, it would most likely even ship at the minimum $4.05 price. Six to eight bucks “handling fees” seems a tad excessive. Even using the flat rate priority box, it would only cost $8.10 max (or nine-something starting in May).

    “So, Mike, bitchy much?”

  • Nothing really to do with comics, much like the rest of this post, but I came across this vintage Dungeons & Dragons ad in an old Omni magazine:

    You know, I can think of a few times when I would have liked to have had a sword while out eating dinner.

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