"The Panzer’s disappeared!"

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I have no reason for posting these two Batman panels, aside from 1) they amused me, and 2) they’re good examples of how Batman generally isn’t presented anymore:

from World’s Finest #250 (May 1978) by Gerry Conway, George Tuska & Vince Colletta

You know, for my money, Batman doesn’t fight Panzers nearly enough nowadays.

In other news:

  • A couple folks popped up in the comments section for this post, opining that perhaps the kids drawings were in fact by an adult attempting to mimic a childlike style. I’m inclined to disagree…something about the designs, and particularly the wording of the descriptions, just speaks of their authenticity to me. I also noted in the comments that, perhaps, any similarities in the artstyles could be attributed to an adult redrawing or tracing the originals due to reproduction/printing concerns.

    I don’t know, honestly…if any of you folks have better info, pass it along my way, if you could be so kind.

  • “The Ignoble Death of Captain America.” BeaucoupKevin makes with the funny.
  • I was talking with a customer of mine, a longtime Transformers fan, about how I have several friends and acquaintances, all about a year or two younger than me, who were big, big fans of the original Transformers TV show. I apparently had just fallen out of the TV cartoon habit, and thus missed catching the big Transformers wave that swept away those folks. I am really ignorant when it comes to Transformer stuff, and said as such to my customer.

    He said that this makes me the perfect test audience for the Transfomers movie, since all the old fans will probably be frustrated by one aspect of the film or other…the whole “that’s not what [character] looks like!” thing. I’d be going in with a fresh, open mind, unfettered by preconceived notions of what the Transformers are and/or should be.

    Then again, I would be attending this movie with my preconceived notions about director Michael Bay, who can blow things up real good, aaaaaand that’s about it, really. (And just to cut you off, World’s Biggest Michael Bay Fan, I’m exaggerating a tad. Relax.)

  • We’ve lost a little something with all the upgrading in printing processes for funnybooks. Chris Karath shows us what.

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