Boy, I hate updating the site this late on a Monday.

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Thanks to everyone for the comments and especially all the e-mail I received over the last day. I really appreciate it. My back is feeling much better today, but I’m still going to need to take it easy and not aggravate the injury again.

In the meantime, a few store notes:

I just noticed we went from having about 70 copies of Amazing Spider-Man #252 (the first appearance of Spidey’s black costume) in our backstock, to having NO copies of #252. We sold them all over about a month’s time.

Thank you, Spider-Man 3!


The side effect of the new Free Comic Book Day promo materials that say “1st Saturday in May” is that customers look at them and say “Oh, hey, Free Comic Book Day…May 1st!” (and not “May 5th” which is what it says along the bottom of the shirts, pins, etc.).


The one time Marvel doesn’t immediately crank out a collection for a recently or nearly completed storyline is also the one time I’m actually experiencing demand for a trade paperback from Marvel. In this case, for Planet Hulk. There’s a hardcover collection of the whole series coming, but I probably could have sold tons of a paperback reprinting, say, the first half of the storyline, which could have driven higher sales on later issues of “Planet Hulk.”

A forty dollar hardcover reprinting the whole shebang may be a good deal, and a handsome package, but given how past Marvel hardcovers of this type have sold, I’m thinking this may not be what our customers want. I expect to hear a lot of “I’ll wait for the paperback, thanks.”


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