A little bit more about Cap, and then…something beautiful.

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So, following links to my post yesterday that I found in my referral log, I found a few people who, while being aware of current events involving Captain America, apparently thought “the ‘death’ of Batman” (even though I never said Batman was dead, only “defeated”) was real.

My favorite comment that I came across:

“I think the reason people aren’t realizing that this is a spoof is because spoofs are usually funny.”

Oh, damn.

A couple more things about the alleged death of Cap, before I let it go:

  • I may have presented it in the form of a rant, but I’m really not kidding when I said in yesterday’s post that I’ve encountered folks surprised that Superman was still around after his highly-publicized “death.” I know the exact same thing is going to happen to Cap, since most of the requests I’ve been receiving for the comic are asking for “the last issue of Captain America.”
  • That auction on the eBay I linked to the other day? The one for a set of both covers for #25 that was, at the time, bid up to 75 bucks?

    It ended for $200. Assuming that’s a real bid, and not just someone screwing with the seller.

  • We received word yesterday that Diamond Comics Distribution will be receiving a massive influx of copies of Captain America #25, which will be used to fill retailer backorders placed before early Thursday. So look for an equally-massive number of new listings for this issue on the eBay over the next week or two…along with a huge price-drop.

We received a giveaway comic this week, advertising the CourtTV program Til Death Do Us Part, each episode of which, according to the official site (warning: auto-playing video w/sound), features “a husband and wife whose marriage, despite its happy beginnings, inevitably leads to spousal murder.”

Here’s the cover:

…and you read the comic online.

The only reason I’m bringing it up is because the host of the show is John Waters as the “Groom Reaper.” That, my friends, is absolutely fantastic.

Okay, it’s not the greatest comic in the world, but it informed me that there’s a TV show featuring John Waters in a Rod Serling-esque role, and therefore succeeded in its function admirably. I may end up only watching the first five minutes and the last five minutes of each show, just for Waters, but that’s ten minutes more than I would have normally devoted to this show.

EDIT: Pal Dorian mentioned this TV show/comic a week ago, and I totally forgot. It’s been a long week, is all I can say.

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