"…Get professional help if you enjoy it yourself."

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In the wake of the announcement of a director for the film adaptation of Frank Miller’s Ronin, I thought I’d pop over to Amazon.com to check out some reader reviews for this graphic novel. Alas, I only found one really good one:

“dangerous to kids, May 14, 2001
Reviewer: A reader
Miller’s works might not be deliberately designed to inspire boys to go on a vigilante killing spree, but since they have no other themes than making such things look cool to teenagers one wonders what else they could be for. In Ronin, his worst offense, he somehow manages to mix his usual themes with ethnic tokenism and other absurd forms of political correctness. Don’t show this stuff to your children, and get professional help if you enjoy it yourself.”

If I’m remembering correctly, it got some mixed reviews in the fan press at the time. I don’t have the quote right in front of me, but I believe it was Gary Groth who said that Ronin was better than 90% of the comics on the market…but it was still crap. I thought it was pretty good, myself, which means I’d getter get some of that professional help that Amazon reviewer recommended. (Though some of you probably already think that I should get help, given my continuing defense of Miller’s All-Star Batman. You all may laugh at me now…but you’ll be sorry someday! You’ll see!)

Anyway, in other news:

Former Swamp Thing artist Steve Bissette is featured in a DVD extra for the film Head Trauma (reviewed here)…he and his son provided artwork for a Jack Chick-style religious tract used in the film. Also, Bissette has announced (in the middle of this lengthy post) that he has some new comic book work coming out this year.

GlyphJockey has Sparkler #91 up for your enjoyment, as well as a selection of random panels from that issue (some repurposed into computer wallpaper) for your delight and edification.

Booksteve has some Bob Oksner ladies on display, along with a period article about the artist.

I realize there’s no shortage of ’em, but Tim O’Neil finds yet another stupid thing about that Civil War series.

Speaking of Civil War, Spencer is having a “Make Your Own ‘Get Your Civil War On'” contest…so warm up your “cracking wise” muscles and get started.

Missed it, but thanks to P-Tor I’ve seen the glory: what if Billy Batson’s magic words were “ALAN MOORE!” It’d be fantastic, that’s what.

And, for no good reason, here are Solomon Grundy and off-model, one-armed Swamp Thing fighting Superman:

from DC Comics Presents #8 (April 1979) by Steve Englehart & Murphy Anderson

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