Bat-art, more t-shirts, Dalgoda, and comic book movies.

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Via Brandon:

Thanks to all you folks for your comments to yesterday’s t-shirt post. I do read all of them, and I appreciate the responses.

For example, to Cheddar Bob: I’m not aware of a Blue Beetle shirt of that particular description. I don’t remember any Blue Beetle shirts in recent years, unless some popped up in the ’80s during that particular burst of the character’s popularity.

Bully – I may have the shirt in question in stock, if you’re interested! (Please pardon my crass shilling.)

To Joe G. – I think the problem with finding comic shirts in sizes larger that XXL is that, given a brief glance through the last Diamond Previews, they aren’t offering any up for sale! Seems to me I’ve seen ’em in the past, so I guess the various shirt companies didn’t receive enough orders to justify producing the size. There are a few non-comics shirts available in XXXL in that catalog, though.

To Jones, who wonders why I won’t accept Wolverine into my heart? Dude, don’t you remember Wolverine Week (starting here)?

Anyway…I was reminded of another shirt I had (or probably still have…some stuff still remains packed from the last move). I had a shirt with the cover of Action Comics #1, which I don’t have a scan of, but I do have a picture of a similar one:

…so you get the idea. I like these types of shirts the best, though I wish I could pick ‘n’ choose the covers I could get (like this one).

And don’t worry, Dave O, I remember Dalgoda, too. That was a darn fine series. A quick Googling mostly just turns up lots of folks selling Dalgoda comics, plus a bunch of people with “dalgoda” for their e-mail handle, and a piece of fan art.

“Keep it in the panels” – a list of comic book properties that shouldn’t be made into movies:

“Rob Schrab cut his teeth on [Scud the Disposable Assassin] before writing Monster House, and he’s said before that it might be nice to see it on screen. Save us and yourself the trouble, Rob. Scud’s rambling, surreal robot love story will not be improved by the voice of Robin Williams.”

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