You’d think Dino would know.

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So when my parents bought me this comic (Dino #5, August 1974) way back when, I read the story about Dino being hypnotized into believing that he was a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex…and even the five-year-old Mikester knew that whatever Dino was imagining here, it ain’t no T-Rex:

I’m no paleontologist, but that’s some kind of Apatosaurus/dragon mix goin’ on there, from the looks of things. (Maybe that’s what a “Tyranosaurus,” with only one “n” as it’s spelled in that panel, looks like.) Anyway, it bugged me back then, and now, with the miracle of a scanner, a computer, and some illustration software I only just barely know how to use, I can address this vitally important issue.

So here’s Dino imagining himself as Grumpy, the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the classic kid’s show Land of the Lost:

…And here he is picturing himself as the British rock band T.Rex:

Ahhh…there, now I feel better.

If you were bothered by this very same story as a child…here, go to town:

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