Misc. funnybook talk for Friday.

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Anyway, to continue the Lockjaw discussion from yesterday (no, wait, come back, I’ll be brief about it, I promise), it was pointed out in my comments section that David Hine, writer of the current Inhumans-related mini Silent War, covered the topic of “Lockjaw: man or dog?” in extensive detail. He states that Marvel’s official editorial stand on the issue is “dog,” even though in other recently-issued official Marvel publications and outlets (as noted in my post and in the comments) Lockjaw is explicitly described as being a mutated Inhuman, not a canine.

So, the final answer? Who the hell knows. Depends on who’s writing him, I guess. I lean toward “dog,” myself, though as Hine and others have pointed out, the Inhumans have a history of treating the less-fortunate mutates like crap, so they could very well have been treating one of their own like a dog. But then again, if Lockjaw is a fellow Inhuman, maybe he’s just, you know, into that kind of thing, if you know what I mean. Some people pay good money to be treated like that…er, so I hear. From other people. Like Chris.

Oh, and regarding my negative comments about the Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham comic from yesterday…we’ve since sold out of it, so I guess that shows me.

I had no idea: Pirate Batman and Pirate Two-Face action figures! (Thanks to Loren for pointing this out!)

Kevin Church and Benjamin Birdie have launched a new webstrip: The Rack, poking some cruel, heartless good-natured fun at funnybook emporiums and the people who work and shop there. Enjoy, won’t you?

Speaking of funnybook emporiums, on Thursday we bid farewell to Employee Josh, who’s moving to San Diego. I tried to get him to commute, but alas, kids these days just don’t have that kind of work ethic anymore. Anyway, good luck to Josh, and a big welcome to his replacement, Employee Jeff, who still has “The Initiation” to look forward to. (“You must…READ A FULL RUN OF MARVILLE!” “NOOOOO! Why, God, why?”)

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