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“Comic book collector sees investment possibilities in his all-consuming hobby”

“Jake Danner has been collecting comic books on the North Coast for 16 years, and lately he’s seen a ‘comic book craze’ sweeping through the streets of Astoria.”

“…He’s seeing more comics at local antique stores, grocery stores and art galleries. It’s not just a local phenomenon, either. There’s a new Spider Man comic book series inside the Oregonian, and the new film ‘The Night Rider’ is the latest example of modern movies being inspired by comic books.”


“Danner said he has about 1,200 comic books, some of which go for $200 to $300 apiece. His entire collection is worth about $15,000 by his calculations. Of course, he probably couldn’t cash them all in at once.”


“If he ever really needs an extra $20, though, he knows where he can get it.

“‘That’s where most of my money gets invested,’ he said. ‘It’s like my own personal savings account.'”

I was sick on Monday, so I took it easy most of the day, reading and watching the television. One of the things I reread was the recent “Up, Up, and Away!” Superman storyline, and noticed an ad for Batman Legos that I had overlooked the first time I plowed through the books. I tend not to pay attention to the ads as I’m reading, unless they’re hideously obnoxious inserts stuck in the middle of the book, but even then I usually couldn’t tell you what they were ads for. But this ad grabbed my eye, as it was done up like a “Who’s Who” entry for the Lego character. Primarily I was interested in how they handled the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents and its place in Batman’s origin, since I figured that was a bit too rough for an ad for kids’ toys. It was addressed more directly than I expected, reading: “Orphaned as a young mini-figure due to the actions of a criminal….”

Yeah, it said “mini-figure.” That particular conceit also shows up in the vital stats department: “HEIGHT: 41 mm (as Bruce Wayne) / 48 mm (as Batman).”

Well, it amused me, anyway. Hey, I’m sick, it doesn’t take much right now.

You can see more of Lego Batman, if you dare, at the official site. Lego Robin looks like he could drop a few pounds, frankly. Well, okay, ounces, I guess.

Why does pal Dorian hate the “sport stacking” scene? (And why did I miss the comic in question for my latest End of Civilization post?)

You know what you need? You need a flashing LED Batman belt buckle…an animated GIF of the buckle in action is provided at the link. No need to thank me.

And now, today’s Pirate Batman moment:

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