Not exactly Mamet.

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(Scene: Employee Josh is processing a number of X-Force back issues he recently pulled from the backroom stock. Mike is doing whatever it is Mike does…let’s call it “supervising.”)

Employee Josh: “Hey, Mike, should I remove this thing covering the hologram on this issue? Um…is it a piece of toilet paper?”

Mike: “Yeah…it was just there to protect the hologram in transit from the printer to the distributor to here.”

Employee Josh: “So after this was printed, a single square of toilet paper was placed over every hologram on every copy…they didn’t have a machine to do that, did they?”

Mike: “Not that I’m aware of.”

Employee Josh: “So this printer had people whose only job, at least for a while, was to repeatedly tear off single squares of toilet paper and carefully place them on a comic book cover’s hologram?”

Mike: “Seems that way.”

Employee Josh: “Good Lord. Where was this done? Who printed this?”

Mike: “I’m pretty sure it was printed in Canada. It’s yet another reason for Canadians to hate us.”

Employee Josh: “Oh, man…and couldn’t they have used something else? Why did it have to be toilet paper?”

Mike: “So readers could get a head start on wiping before tearing pages out of the comic for that purpose.”

Employee Josh: “…”

Mike: “I’m totally blogging this.”

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