So I like Stephen King books…what’s it to ya?

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Now here’s some good marketing…we got a batch of the above postcards this week from IDW Publishing, promoting their Clive Barker comic book adaptations, just in time for the imminent release of Stephen King’s Dark Tower comic that some of you may have heard about.

Speaking of which, I am very curious as to how well that Dark Tower comic is going to do. We ordered pretty good numbers on it…not out of control case-upon-case Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1″ numbers or anything, but hopefully sufficient amounts to meet demand. I do think our orders on the Marvel Spotlight: Dark Tower interview/preview comic due out next week may be a little low, even though I bumped them up a tad during the order adjustment period. Having seen a preview copy of Marvel Spotlight, however, it actually doesn’t look too bad. If you’re a King fan or a fan of adaptation co-writer Peter David, there’s a lot of material of interest in this issue.

As a Stephen King fan, and having enjoyed the Dark Tower series since the original stories were first collected into that initial volume long ago, I am looking forward to the comic book version, though I can’t help but feel we got a little bait-‘n’-switched on “Stephen King is writing comics!” becoming “Stephen King approves this service and/or product!” Okay, this early press release didn’t explicitly say he was writing the series, but when you throw around phrases like “the comic series will mark the first time Stephen King has produced original content for an ongoing comic book project,” you can’t help but infer it, you know? Oh, and the press release does mention series co-writer “Robin Furth, who is also contributing to the Marvel comic project.”

Nevertheless, I remain interested enough in the project to at least give it a try, and while I was never a huge Jae Lee fan, his art does seem a nice match for the material.

On a related note, here’s a poll on asking fans if they’re going to buy the comic. As of this writing, 68.2% say that they’ll buy every issue, while 5.5% say “Comic books suck! What was King thinking?” And only 16.2% say they’ll wait for the trade.

In some non-Stephen King news, we have a replacement for the sadly-defunct Comics Weblog Update-A-Tron 3000. It’s the Comics Weblog Update-A-Tron 4000, brought to us by Chris at Tales from the Long Box.

And let’s all give thanks to Dave at Simply Comics for providing the old Update-A-Tron for as long as he did. Many comic webloggers benefited greatly from the traffic he provided, and was instrumental in helping us acquire the readerships we have. Thanks, Dave!

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