Progressive Ruin: Patriot-made, America-approved.

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Due to an unfortunate slip-up on my part in yesterday’s post, the phrase I’d meant to write (“stick it to Hitler”) was missing the “it,” which resulted in a statement opposite of what was intended. In my comments section, folks were shocked, shocked I tell you, to think that I, Mike, patriot and brewer, would dare to include such an inflammatory statement in my normally 100% all-American weblog.

I’ve since corrected that typo, but let me make sure that the record is set straight, as I take the bold step of reaffirming the strong anti-Hitler position of the Progressive Ruin management, which may be expressed thusly: that Hitler guy really sucks, man. Sure, other, lesser comics weblogs, weak-kneed and yellow-bellied as they are, may shy away from political and moral statements such as these, but I’ve made my statement, and I’m standing behind it.

Here, courtesy the folks at the Grand Comic Book Database (which recently celebrated its 100,000th indexed entry!), is the cover of my favorite “giving what-for to Adolf” comic:

And, in 1992, New England Comics (the publishers of The Tick) released this comic, reprinting a handful of war-era “anti-Hitler comics” (as the title explicitly explains) along with several text pages providing analysis and historical perspectives:

Alas, only one Hitler-hating issue of this series was released, but it remains a good companion to their much-missed Tales Too Terrible to Tell horror reprint series.

Anyway, I hope you all will join me in thumbing our noses at Adolf Jerk-ler and his good-for-nothing Ratzis. And remember what Willie the Worm says:

…And wash your dishes, too: dirty dishes = happy enemies!

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