Dye it blue, add a black dot to the outer circle, and you’ll have a Dr. Manhattan shirt.

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This may be my favorite comic book shirt…the “Gold from the Metal Men” t-shirt:

…featuring only a simple black line rendition of the alchemical symbol for Gold. And in case you thought about stealing this design:

…well, just forget about it, buster.

Speaking of the Metal Men, pal Dorian passed along the info that when the Metal Men return in Superman/Batman, they’ll be accompanied by a new member of the team: Copper. When he told me this, I immediately thought of another new Metal Man, Californium, who would wear surf shorts and sunglasses, and say “Hey, Dude” a lot. Oh, and also kill lots of people because he’s highly radioactive, so I suppose the character still has a few kinks to work out.

As long as we’re on the topic of “bad comic book ideas generated at the shop,” Dor informed me that I quit reading Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters too soon, too soon, as there is a new, updated version of the Red Bee in the book. And that inspired me to suggest a possible team-up between the new Red Bee and the new Blue Beetle, and Dor followed up with the idea that they could fight Queen Bee, Killer Moth, and Firely.

And that conversation begat this one:

Employee Josh: “Hey, maybe some of the cat-themed characters can be put together in a book. Wildcat and Catman versus Catwoman and Cheshire*….”

Dor: “No, that wouldn’t work, because Wildcat and Catwoman would be too busy having sex, as would Catman and Cheshire.”

Me: “It could be DC’s first x-rated comic! ‘Cats in Heat, coming soon from the new DC!'”

And then everyone just sort of looked at me, shook their heads sadly, and walked away.

Most of my conversations at the store end this way.

* Not strictly a cat-themed character, but work with me here….

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