When you read 52 #37, don’t skip ahead to the shocking surprise cover!

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Yes, the secret identity of Supernova is revealed right there on the cover…no preamble, no tease, just BAM, right in your face. Okay, it’s not like it’s not revealed early on inside, but still, we had some fun at the shop with “oh, hey, SPOILER ALERT!” with that image.

Also, best comic of the week:

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #9 was an entertainingly tongue-in-cheek adventure with quite a few good laughs. Basically takes the idea of “superheroes turned by MODOK into giant-headed, power-crazed freaks like himself” about as seriously as it deserves, and it works out just dandy.

Okay, they call him “MODOC” (“Mental Organism Designed Only for Conquest”), not MODOK (“…Only for Kumquats”), but that’s close enough. And MODOK-Hulk is just too cute for words.

I did enjoy the first installment of the Helmet of Fate series, featuring Detective Chimp, as 1) it’s Detective Chimp, and 2) it’s drawn by Shawn McManus, and I’ll read purt’near anything by Shawn McManus. This whole “who’ll wear the helmet of Fate” thing is kinda of a moot point from the get-go, since DC just announced the new Dr. Fate series written by Steve Gerber, and, well, I’m going to guess the helmet ends up with the star of that series. Still, the first issue of this “event” series was fun, if slight, and I’ll at least give the rest of the installments a chance.

I picked up the new issue of Back Issue (#20) as well, just because it has a feature article on the creation of Firestorm the Nuclear Man, and, well, I’m a sucker for Firestorm. And there’s some little seen Curt Swan Superman art, and a Jerry Ordway interview…I don’t buy Back Issue regularly, but every once in a while, they put out an issue I can’t resist.

Also out this week was Spider-Man: The Reign #2 and a reprint of #1, now both with less penis. You know, certain folks inclined to complain about cartoon nudity probably won’t be dissuaded by the fact that Peter Parker’s crotch area is now a small gray smudge instead of a squiggly frank ‘n’ beans outline. Yeah, I know, they probably shouldn’t complain, but our store is in an area where someone was actually offended by how supposedly oversexualized Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man artwork from the ’60s was. “Gasp! Why, you can almost see this woman’s ankle!”

Oh, and I really wish Dynamite Comics would make their two Battlestar Galactica series (one based on the ’70s show, the other on the current Sci-Fi Channel version) a little more distinct. They have the same logo, even though one is called in the indicia “Classic Battlestar Galactica,” and of the multiple covers this time, each series had a cover where a human was being threatened by the old-style Cylons. Unless you recognized the human character in question as being from one of the two different TV shows, you couldn’t tell which series was which.

(A related note…when the Classic Battlestar Galactica comic started, one of the employees at work made a sign to indicate it was from the old show, reading “Based on the classic ’80s TV series!” When I spotted that, I chided them a bit, but not too much, considering neither of these employees had been born yet when that series originally aired in the ’70s.

Their youth appalls me. And yes, I know Galactica 1980 aired in the ’80s, but that doesn’t count.)

And apparently former employee Kid Chris, currently attending UCLA, called our store (60 miles north of him) to ask if new comics were in (since he wasn’t sure if Martin Luther King Day pushed things back) so he wouldn’t waste a trip to his local comic shop! The jerk.

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